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An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Management of the Elderly Multimorbid Patient with Breast Cancer Therapy Induced Cardiac Toxicity

CARDIOCARE in IncontraDonna Conference

Jul 11, 2024

Prof. Ketti Mazzocco presented CARDIOCARE during her lecture in the IncontraDonna Conference “Care through Listening, Network, Transdisciplinarity, Empathy”  that was held on June, 11 2024 in Rome, Italy.

The conference aimed to illustrate the therapeutic journey, allowing the audience to concretely understand what happens, or what should happen, during the treatment and care of a patient with breast cancer. Each session was accompanied by a narrator describing the journey of a woman (patient advocate) who has personally experienced the illness. A dedicated segment on CARDIOCARE was presented by Ketti Mazzocco, IEO, emphasizing the significance of this clinical trial in advancing preventive measures and management strategies for breast cancer within the realm of cardio-oncology.

The aim of the activity is to raise awareness about the importance of preventive measures in cardio-oncology and foster continuous dialogue among institutions, scientific communities, and associations to shape a healthcare system that prioritizes equity, innovation, and accessibility, while safeguarding the rights and needs of patients and communities.

Really glad for our participation!


CARDIOCARE in Heart and Cancer 2024

CARDIOCARE in Heart and Cancer 2024

Prof. Dimitrios Fotiadis, coordinator of CARDIOCARE, referred to the project in his presentation entitled "Artificial intelligence in prediction and early detection of cardiotoxicity (CARDIOCARE)" in Heart and Cancer 2024: Cardio-Oncology Update that took place from...

CARDIOCARE in the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer

CARDIOCARE in the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer

CARDIOCARE was presented in the Round-table "Digital Health" by Prof. Dimitrios Fotiadis, UOI, in the 1st Greek Forum on Cancer: Policy, Research & Funding Strategies. Moreover Prof. Manolis Tsiknakis, HMU, referred to CARDIOCARE in the Round-table "European...