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An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Management of the Elderly Multimorbid Patient with Breast Cancer Therapy Induced Cardiac Toxicity

Welcome to the CARDIOCARE project.

An interdisciplinary approach for the management of the elderly multimorbid patient with breast cancer therapy induced cardiac toxicity:  Aged-related factors and co-morbidities increase elderly breast cancer patients’ vulnerability to cardiotoxicity due to cancer treatment. Lack of best practices and frailty bias in these patients, underrepresented in trials, may lead to inappropriate interventions and undertreatment, resulting in poorer outcomes, deterioration of QoL, and increased healthcare costs. The EU-funded CARDIOCARE project will focus on the elderly breast cancer population and through a holistic approach including eHealth applications, wearable sensors and biomarkers will provide the ability to patients to take part in their care process and enhance their physical and mental health, contributing to an individualised care plan and a psychological adaptation to their disease. CARDIOCARE will enable effective risk stratification mitigating cardiotoxicity and adverse events, minimizing hospitalisation, and enhancing QoL

Welcome by the Coordinating Team

We are excited to lead an international effort aiming to improve the monitoring, treatment and overall care provided to breast cancer patients above 65 years of age who are at higher risk of cardiac toxicity from cancer therapy. We envisage that the use of advanced clinical, laboratory and computer methods by the scientists involved in the project, will greatly increase our understanding of the complex needs of breast cancer patients and their caregivers, and help build a risk assessment tool in order to improve our care strategies, minimize adverse events and enhance cancer patients’ quality of life.

The Coordinating Team

Dimitrios I. Fotiadis


Giuseppe Curigliano

Scientific Manager

Kostas Marias

Technical Manager

Gabriella Pravettoni

Clinical Study Manager

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme



Healthcare interventions for the management of the elderly multimorbid patient


CARDIOCARE at the IEEE BHI-BSN 2022 in Ioannina

The Special Session "Artificial intelligence and Real World data for personalized support of patients with cardiovascular diseases" took place successfully on Friday, 30 September at the IEEE BHI-BSN conference. The Special Session concerned artificial intelligence...

New review paper is published online

Our paper entitled "A systematic review of miRNAs as biomarkers for chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients reveals potentially clinically informative panels as well as key challenges in miRNA research" has been published in the Cardio-oncology...